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Heal Diastasis Recti Naturally Without Surgery to Gain Strength and Confidence in Your Body Again!

My name is Katherine Stewart and welcome to Thrive Physical Therapy! Whether you became a mother a few weeks ago for the first time or 30 years ago, whether you have 1 child or 8, once you are postpartum, you are always postpartum.

Many changes have taken place in your body while you were growing your little one and some of these changes may have lingered on after delivery. Some women continue to feel bloated and may notice a bulge in their belly that doesn’t seem to go away. Some also want to return to exercises but are worried that they will hurt themselves or continue to create more of a bulge.


Katherine Stewart

Physical Therapist and Co-Owner

Does this sound like you?

Your postpartum belly isn’t something that you will “just have to live with”. I will show you how to correctly rehabilitate your abdominal muscles and get back to being active and doing the things that you love. It doesn’t even matter how long it’s been since you had your baby. I will also put your mind at ease in knowing which exercises are safe to do if you have been diagnosed with or think that you may have a diastasis recti.

Find Out…

  • How to determine if you have a diastasis recti
  • Tips for improving diastasis recti
  • Ideas for postpartum core strengthening
  • Are planks and/or crunches safe postpartum

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I work with postpartum women of all ages just like you to find relief and inside you’ll find all the information that I teach to my patients to help them improve their postpartum belly without surgery.

Unfortunately, many mothers never learn how to properly activate their deep core muscles after delivery. Therefore, when they return to high intensity workout programs or even just the day to day rigors of taking care of their kids they are not using the right muscles, so they can either no see results or may make their diastasis worse.

I will explain these muscles to you and how to properly activate them to make sure you are on the track to recovery.

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The entire journey of pregnancy and delivery is amazing and I want you to be able to reconnect with your postpartum core and improve all of your daily activities. All you have to do is enter your information and I’ll send it to you immediately.

In good health,

Katherine Prevost Stewart, PT, DPT
Leading Women’s Health PT in Southwest Louisiana

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Nataska Charles

Thrive is the place to get all your physical therapy needs. The staff is amazing, the moment you walk in, all the way to the back, this place helps you get back to normal, I strongly recommend Thrive! All the ladies make you feel welcome!! Great place!!

Kori Brame

The treatment they provide is top notch and they make you feel like family! I’ve been seeing them for a while and am very happy with the care I receive. Highly recommend!

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